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light cramps but no period?

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Hey guys, been looking for a place to ask this question, Yahoo answers seems so....not personal haha! We had unprotected sex twice just over a week ago, and my period was due yesterday or Tuesday, it's been a Tuesday every time for the last year, except last one was on a Wednesday I think it was. I've been having mild cramps today, yesterday and the day before, but no af. Usually I get cramps as it's happening and then nothing for the rest of my period, and I'm pretty regular at 28 days. My last period started December 10th. Think I might be pregnant? I'm gunna wait another week or so and do a test but I figured I'd see if anyone else had the same thing. I'm only two or three days late right now but the cramping and no blood is very unusual for me. I have a two and a half year old now, but I don't remember much of anything when I got pregnant with her lol . i feel full, breasts are slightly more sore than they would be during a period. Thanks for any help ladies . I've also got some cold symptoms that started last night and I read somewhere that it's possible that this is an early pregnancy symptom.

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