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Light spotting 1st trimester

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I'm 8 weeks pregnant and noticing some blood when I wipe myself after using the restroom. At my 8 week check up the nurse practitioner didn't seem to worried about this and put me on progesterone because my levels were low. The spotting hasn't stopped and it's been a few days. I have lost a baby before and am petrified it'll happen again, especially with the spotting. Does anyone know what this spotting could be, other than I might be starting to miscarry again?

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I've only had spotting once (other than the early implantation bleeding) and even though everything was fine, I was diangnosed with a threatened miscarriage. 50% of all pregnancies have spotting which gets labeled as a threatened miscarriage and at least 50% of those go on to have normal, full term pregnancies.If you're concerned, which is understandable, you should call your doctor's office. If they have an after hours number, call it today so you can talk to someone. If not, call as soon as they open tomorrow morning.
Oh, and I had my bleeding at 7 weeks. It was scary, but everything turned out just fine. I've got a healthy, happy, enormous little 17 month old boy now (along with his sister who's about to be 3). And I'm almost 28 weeks along with our third and haven't had any spotting or complications this time.So if you're just having a small amount of spotting and aren't having any kind of cramping, I wouldn't worry too much. I was completely paranoid at the beginning of this pregnancy but everything has been fine. Most times, if you're just having a small amount of blood when you wipe there's nothing to be concerned about, epescially if you don't even need to wear a pad.
Spotting is normal,if it gets heavy like a period or there are blood clots then go to the hospital.

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