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Little 8mo old won't sleep flat in his crib. Normal?

2 answers
It doesn't matter if he is on his side, stomach or back, he just can't seem to get comfortable enough to sleep for more than an hour or two. He wakes up & isn't hungry, he's just not comfy. What if it's because he can't roll from his belly to his back, even though he is crawling & standing?

answers (2)

8 months is pretty late to not be rolling. Have you asked your doctor about that? You should have him checked to see if there is a medical reason for it, because that same thing could be the reason he's uncomfortable when he sleeps.
I agree with the previous answer. Was he a preemie?Usually once they have good enough head control and are rolling than there chances of SIDS is pretty low. Once my son started rolling there was no way of keeping him sleeping on his back. However do always put them to bed on their backs.Also a two hour nap is pretty good. My son only slept 30 minutes or so during his daytime naps. Could it be possible he is just finished napping and not uncomfortable at all?

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