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well for starters a little background info. I am 20 and my wife is 17 and we have a wonderful 9 month old little boy. We work every chance we get to support our new little family and of course there is never enough to go as far as we would like. But currently our "trusted" baby sitter , her sister, flaked out on us and we have since been forced to find a new baby sitter. This of course added more strain to our already tight budget. My wife and I have kicked the idea of one of us getting a "at home" job but havent really found anything that didnt look like a scam. so any advice whether its how to improve our budget or pointing us in the right direction to have stay at home parent would be so appreciated.

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You should look into assistance programs like WIC and food stamps. It sucks to be on them but they can be a real life saver. Having a stay at home parent is tough on a budget. I'm a stay at home mom and my husband gets a little over $3000 a month from his VA disability, plus GI Bill money for going to school. I also get some money from the VA for school. And still our budget is extremely tight.My only suggestion as far as work is concerned is to see if you can have alternate schedules so that one of you is always with your son. If one can work during the day and the other can work at night you won't have to worry about child care. Of course, you won't get a lot of sleep and you won't really get to see each other. Or, just keep looking for at home work possibilities. A lot of jobs, like medical transcription, can be done from home. Maybe try going to an employment agency or your local unemployment office to find legitimate at home work.
First, good job on being such an involved parent! Second, and this may be all on you since she's 17, have you looked into Home Instead Senior Care? It's a non medical elderly assistance type job with VERY flexible hours. I workd for them while my daughter was little because they were so accomodating. Good luck!

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