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low protein:( What are some tasty substitutions for meat?

2 answers
I had some lab work done recently and it was showing that my protein level was low. I know that getting protein while preganant is a must for healthy brain developement for the baby. I usually LOVE meat, any kind, however, since I've been pregnant I don't really care for it. I like beans ok, but does anyone have any suggestions that are tasty and have a lot of protein per serving?

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chicken, yogurt, eggs, peanut butter cheese..u can also buy doc told me to eat more protien too and these are some of she suggestions she gave me. hope this helps
Thank you so much! Maybe the ensure option would be a good one, I could drink it in the morning with breakfast or something:) No peanut butter unfortunately, because no matter how much I like it, the baby doesn't seem to lol!:) 

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