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Major problem!

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Most of you read my last post about my husband,for all of you that didn't know before that happend and before he cheated we were trying for another baby. I have been feeling weird lately and I was just ignoring it, I thought I was just feeling this way because of what happend.Today my mom got me to take a pregnancy test and it came back positive.The only thing that I am really worried about is that he would be able to get custody, he can't get the other babies because he was abusing me in front of them, but these babies he would be able to get costody of and get me charged with kidnapping. The laws in my state are very weird, I talked to my lawyer about it and he said that if he wanted he could say I was keeping these babies/baby (who knows with fertility treatment) away from him (from not letting him see me while I was pregnant) and that he will probably get the baby. That makes no sense to me, I don't understand how thats possible,I was told that I would have to go to court to get him to sign away all of his rights to any of my babies. Am I insane or is my lawyer full of shit?

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That does sound crazy. Just to be sure, talk to another lawyer. But, didn't he hit you while you were pregnant? In some places that can automatically give you sole custody.
That sounds really crazy, maybe talk another lawer about this? That's one odd law. Maybe before the birth of your baby/babies go to court and battle it out for full costody of your baby/babies?But I never really gone to court, for this because my 2 past boyfriends left me so I pretty much I gain costody of my 3 kids. Well, now 2 because my first child back in '09 passed away.Good luck!

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