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massive b/m's

2 answers
my 4 y/o gs has massive b/m's from 4-6 inches diameter to 4-6 inches long often blood coated from the size and strain .. ...he is not constipated ,and is extremely fussy when it comes to foods, tho fiber is not a problem and he drinks plenty of fluids ,, has anyone else even seen something like this ? ...heard of it? .... he is the size of the average 2 y/o and soon to be 5 ,starting school soon where he won't have the luxury of sitting on the throne for 20 mins like here at home . .. could this be "normal" to anyone ?

answers (2)

My daughter has large bowel movements but her's don't seem to cause her discomfort. Large bowel movements are techinically considered constipation. Take your son to the doctor, he probably needs a stool softener and modifications to his diet.
I would take him to the pediatrician and tell them that he has blood in his poo. They will be able to tell you what is best for him. 

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