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May be having a large baby doctor is wants to perform c-section help!

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Hey all im 35 weeks pregnant and since my 6 month i was always told my baby was big. Let me start off with saying this is my third pregnancy .My first son weighed 7 pounds 10 onces,my daughter 9 pounds 4 ounces, both vaginal births. Now i would love to birth this baby vaginal as well. my last vist 34 weeks the doctor said my baby would probably estimate 10 pounds to 11. at 33 weeks the baby was already 6 pounds. he said if he weighed that large he would have to c section me. He said if the baby weighed abt my daughters weight i could push. Im worried i have been reading and i hear that some ultrasounds our in accurate abt a pound or 2 off...i just dont want to have a un necesarry c section ..I want to try to have him vaginally. The doctor also said if they see the baby keeps gaining he will induce me at 38 weeks... Tomorrow i go for a ultrasound to see the baby weight. Very worried.any suggestions? My body tells me i can do this viginally . My mind says maybe the doctors right since he should know whats good for me & baby.. Did anyone experience the same issue? also if he says he will induce me at 38 weeks to attempt vaginally is that even safe?? so confused & worried. I just want to make the best choice for my baby ...

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I haven't been in your position but the ob I had during my second pregnancy told me that ultrasounds are extremely innacurate at telling a baby's weight. He also said that studies have shown that a mother's intuition gives the best estimate. A friend of mine had a baby last year and her ultrasound tech estimated her baby would be big, but her baby weighed less than 7 pounds. (I told her the whole time she'd have a small baby!)Do you feel like your baby is large? While your doctor may not trust your opinion it is important. You do have some time to talk to another doctor to get a second opinion regarding your options. I'm pregnant with my third and nothing terrifies me like the thought of a c-section, especially since I'm a stay at home mom. So I completely understand your fear. If I were you I suppose I'd opt for induction over a c-section, but both seem a little unnecessary to me. Your body has given birth to two children already, it knows what its doing. Plenty of women have given birth vaginally to 10 pound babies and bigger. Unless there is some medical reason, like you having a small birth canal that caused problems before, I don't understand why you wouldn't be able to have this baby vaginally as well. Get an appointment with another doctor ASAP for a second opinion.
A lot of times Doctors are setting out to do what is 100% safe, and even though it may ( we don't know your medical history) not be life threating, it is better for him and you in his opinion. A doctor can't know how you feel until you express your feelings. Does he know how strongly you feel about a vaginal birth? If he recommends this it really may be the best thing, but you can always find a second opinion.With the ultrasounds both of mine were accruate almost to the oz. Same with all my friends, but everyone is different so it is hard to say. It does seem as if you have a history of bigger babies and I'm sure that concerns your Doctor because his job is to keep you and that baby as safe as possible. Maybe if she baby seems to be getting too big, you can allow him to induce and he may let you try vaginal.Just remember a birth plan is just a plan, the most important thing is that, your beautiful baby and you are safe and healthy. Don't totaly shut down the C-section... yet anyways.
I have to disagree a little bit. Not all doctors decide on c-sections or early inductions because it's the safest route, some make those recommendations simply because it's what they do. The ob I had during my second pregnancy wanted to induce me at 38 weeks because I had gestational diabetes. He said that at 38 weeks my baby was healthy enough and that waiting would mean extra monitoring (non-stress tests). My baby wasn't too big, there was absolutely no risk to either of us, it was simply his normal procedure. I refused and went into labor on my own and everything was fine.Melogg, I urge you to talk with your doctor about your concerns and to find out what the real reason behind his recommendations. If there does seem to be a legitimate medical reason I would consider inducing early. If it just seems like this doctor is following his normal procedure for this type of situation I would see if he is willing to do things your way. If not, I would for another doctor.
Thank you all for your advice i will def express to him today about my feelings on this..also his worry is if the baby too big and i give birth vaginally it can cause the baby shoulder to get caught and even break. and as well as bring my bladder down where he would have to perform surgery to fix that... thats y he wants to perform c section if my son seems to be gaining to much to fast... I just wasnt sure if inducing me at 38 weeks to try to push was even safe and of course the fear of a unecesarry c secttion.
 I don't see any harm in going for a vaginal birth. I work with a lady who had four babies, all between 10 and 11 lbs and she had them all daughter was measuring big, and I tried for a vaginal birth...but she got stuck in the ol' birth canal and I had to have a c-section...after I tried pushing for four hours..she only moved about an inch;(She ended up weighing 8lbs 9oz, about 1lb less than she was estimated to be. And my doc said her getting stuck didn't really have much to do with her size, it had more to do with the shape of my pelvis and the fact that she had her arm caught over her head. When I was inspecting her after birth she had a bruise on her arm and on her head from me pushing and her knocking into my pelvic bone, but she was otherwise just fine.
I did go through almost the same thing. My son (and only child) measured big the entire time. I did have gestational diabetes which puts the baby at risk of being larger. My original due date was Nov. 14th. A few days before Halloween I had my last ultrasound measuring him at 9 lbs. 3 oz. I was told then that I was not wide enough. I could attempt to push, but was up to me. I'm sure you will have the option. And I know you have had your other children vaginally, but let me give some advice. I went into labor on my own on the 9th.. And was dilated to 5, but he just wasn't dropping. They could have broke my water and we could see.. But don't play the waiting game. I just voted c-section... They had me ready to go in 45 minutes.. No pain at all and my baby was here... I held him. I wasn't tired.. I could visit with family.. and my spinal stayed effective for several hours. Especially being your third delivery... take a break, lol. Oh, and my son weighed 10lbs 5 oz @ birth.. That was a week early. While the dr. had me open, she did have to put a few stitches in both my colon and bladder where he had squished them to the side. But... when you sign your consent, it will authorize them to fix anything while already in there. I would not change having a section for the world.. Plan to have more and even if the next is smaller, I will still have a section. Hope this helped ease your mind. Please let us know how it goes! Trish
My friend had and 11lb 3oz baby with out a c-section i wouldnt let me make you
@TrishThomas A c-section may be a "break" as far as labor is concerned, but it's hardly an easy recovery, especially with other children to care for. There's a lot more to consider than just the labor and delivery itself.
Recovery is a bit harder... and I have a step-daughter as well .. but again, I wouldn't be scared out of a section. I enjoyed it. And recovery wasn't very tough.

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