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me and my daughters loralye,kylie,kaylah are all sick,what to do?

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they are sick and me to how can i help them feel better (loralye and kylie are 1 yr old and kaylah is 1 month)

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It depends on what illness they have. Is it a cold, the flu, something more serious? You should take your 1 month old to the doctor to be examined because she's so young. 
You don't necesarily have to rush off to the dr's, unless the baby is running a fever. Call into the Dr.s to speak with an advice nurse and she'll give you advice. Make sure you are all getting lots of liquids and make sure that your all resting. Stay inside as much as possible. Hopefully your breast feeding the youngest so that will also help. If you are congested you should try a vaporizer to help with that. If you cant afford one or just dont think you need one, you could stand in the bathroom with the door shut and run a hot shower and let the steam work the same way as a vaporizer. Good luck and feel better!
I have been running a fever and so has loralye but kylie has just had diahrea, kaylah has been coughing up some kind of mucus I think we have the flu.
I think its probably more of a cold since the flu usaully has high fever, muscle aches and respiratory issues. Call the Dr.s and tell them the symptoms and theyll tell you whether to come in or not. Make sure Kylie gets lots of fluids because diahrea causes dehydration. If your fever isnt too high take some tylenol and that should help. As for the mucus, if its green its ok, I just got over something that sounds similar. I was coughing up green mucus for 3 days and had a stuffed up nose. Went away on its own and I didnt take nothing for it. Im ttc so I dont want to take meds that may have an ill effect.
Definitely call the doctor. With babies, especially young ones a normal cold can turn into pneumonia quickly. Make sure you're all staying hydrated and do what you can to keep high fevers down. Low grade fevers (just one or two degrees above normal) are fine, they actually help your immune system fight the illness.
Call the doctor, it sounds like they probably have either the flu or a cold.  If your 1 month old is coughing up mucus you should definietly take her to the doctor because she is so little.Try getting some pedialite and tons of jello for your 1 year olds, when my kids had the flu thats all they wanted.
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