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Me and my fiance want to have another baby ?

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We've been trying for almost 2 months now to have another baby but it doesn't seem to be working. I stopped my birth control in June or July. And my periods are irregular so we've been trying and trying. We've still got faith in it but what should we do ?

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Just be patient. Sometimes it takes a little time and stressing over it definitely doesn't help. Relax, enjoy the process and know that it will happen when the time is right.You could try using the home ovulation tests so that you know the exact days you're ovulating. I used them for birth control (even though you're not supposed to, we were planning on having another baby at some point so it wasn't a big deal) and when I was ready for a baby I knew exactly when to do it. I found that my cycle isn't "average", I don't ovulate the standard 2 weeks after my period. Knowing that made it super easy for me to get pregnant.

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