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Me and my husband have been thinking about having another baby

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I had bella's name ready from the time I found out I was preggo,So I thought why not go ahead and find something.The names we like are,Annie Olivia,Piper Jolen,Gale Finneagan,Odzes Yilin (odd-zes) (yee-len).

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I'm going to say the same thing I said in another post about names.You seriously need to think about how these names will impact your child. The reactions you get to these names are similar to the reactions your child will get throughout their lifetime. First impressions are a big deal, and names are huge part of first impressions. Do you really want your child to have to constantly repeat their name when meating someone new? Do you want them to have to spell their name multiple times for people? Do you want people mispronoucing their name all the time?You don't have to pick names like Sarah and John in order for your child to have an easier time. You just really need to think about what it would be like having a difficult name.I have an unusual name. I've always hated it. My mom regrets choosing it and spelling it the way she did. My husband also hates his name. We did A LOT of research on names, their meanings, possibilities for being picked on/made fun of, etc. It took us a long time to come up with traditional names with normal spellings that weren't overly common. We chose Audrey Olivia, Harrison Thomas, and Vivienne Eloise. Those might be a little plain for you, and that's fine. Just really, really think about your child when you decide on a name. Don't just choose something you think is cool, because chances are, if it's something that's very unusual, your child will have a hard time with it. And I know all too well just how much it sucks to go through life with a difficult name.
I understand the name I have picked are not normal, but I remember being young and I knew 8 kids in my school with my name. It was the most aggravating thing to be called Mia H because they didn't know who I was. I want my kids to be different,Some of the names may be a little bit crazy.The one we are really leaning towards is Annie Olivia for a girl and for a boy we really don't know yet.
Having an uncommon name is one thing. Having a name that is always mispronounced, misspelled, and needs to be repeated multiple times for other people is something different. That's all I was saying. My kids' names aren't common, but they also aren't difficult.
the last name that you chose, the Ozes Yilan is god-awful. i agree 100% with vforveture. you wanted an opinion. sorry if that hurts your feelings, but i'm just telling you what you need to hear. i'm not trying to be mean or degrading. my mother named me kari branden, and i can remember starting school every year correcting people. all my teachers called me branden for the first few weeks, and it was humliating to say the least. it's bad enough to be picked on for looking different, but your looks change over time. why put your kid through name torture, only to have him/her grow up hating it, and eventually spend a whole lot a money going through the legal process of changing it. with that said, i do like piper for a girl. i was thinking of that name for my second daughter, whom we eventually named anabelle. i'm not much for traditional names either, but have always loved anabelle. my kids are paisley elizabeth, and anabelle rose. it's very frustrating for a child, and an adult to constantly correct people on pronouciation, and spelling. people have always read my name and said, "car-ee?" i get upset immediately, and yell, "no! it's pronouced care-ee! my name is kari!" i hate it to this day. my mother told me that branden is a unisex name, and to this day, i could not disagree with her more. i still have resentment towards her because of it. don't do that to yours kids. nahlabell ambrosia is unique, but i can guarantee you 110% that she will be angry with your choice later in life, due to the constant torment. get upset with me about this if you like, that's fine. it's your decision to name your kids what you like, but don't just think about yourself, think about how it will impact their lives.
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