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Me and my husband our planning to have a baby I need names....

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I like short beautiful names for girls and for boys more strong names.

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In my opinion, it's a little early to be thinking about names. But, I like to look through name books to get ideas. It's easier than trying to think up names and it really lets you see what names are out there. When you ask people for names you're going to get their opinions and you'll probably end up with the most popular names. The social security names database is also a good resource if you don't want to buy a book. It ranks the names by popularity, which is helpful if you want to avoid choosing the most popular names. (It's not cool to have 5 kids in the same classroom with the same name...)
i have all my kids names picked out lol  hum i like  boys-bowman, Jacob, Benjamin, Lance, Rush, Peyton, Beckham, girls-colt,nova, ally,allison,gayle, gail, hope,jenna,  just some i think they are cute and strong names =) i never think its to early to pick out names im not even prego and have all names pick out and how i will do the rooms once they get here, sure i may not get 3 boys and one girl but once i have a girl i dont want anymore kids only one lil princess, I cant wait to have more =D
My husband likes the name sammie for a lil girl and I like the name izabelle and then for middle names we liked rosalina and we both agreed on the boy name and said we would name it dylan joesph brooks and then we were thinking rosalina sam or izabelle so we almost got a name lol.

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