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my son is 20 months the only meat he will eat is chicken... he needs his read meat what should i do to get him to eat hamberger, I try to mix hamberger in stuff but he picks the hamberger out.

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He doesn't need red meat. American eat way more meat than we need to. There are plenty of other sources of protein that are actually much healthier. If he eats chicken, he's just fine. Eggs, peanut butter, beans, dairy products, even whole grain bread has protein. My son doesn't like most meat right now either, he'll only eat hot dogs or turkey sandwiches. But, since he gets protein from other sources his doctor isn't worried. Kids go through phases where they don't like certain foods but they generally outgrow it.
If you are worried about iron make sure he gets beans and lentils. Dark leafy veggies are good also, spiniach, kale, and even romain letuce. This will help give him more iron. There are cerals that are iron fortified also.  The dr can check his iron if you feel he might be getting low. There are also iron suppliments. When I gave them to my daughter it turned her poop almost black. Sent me into a panic until I realized it was the drops. The dr said she does not need them if her iron is good with out them. She does not eat a lot of red meat and at that age I do not think she ate any. But she eats peanut butter and loves black beans.  She even loves salads.
Kids should also get multivitamins, which will provide nutritional supplements like iron.

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