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Medical Letter for grandparents to care of kids when we're out of town

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My husband and I are going away for 3 days this weekend and my kids (8 and 4) are staying with my parents. We'll only be 4 hours away, but should I have a letter saying in an emergency situation my parents can make a medical decision for my kids in our absence? If so, what will stand up at emergency room? Should it be notarized?

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My inlaws have 3 young children (6, 11, and 12) and what we did was they ha d aletter done stating that as their parents they gave myself and my husband the right to make decisions about treatment regarding the kids they had it notorized and then we placed it in our glove box of our car so that whenever we took the kids we had the letter especially because we did take the kids a lot, my MIL swears that if you have the letter you will never need it, forget the letter and something will happen...

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