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Is Micah Brooke ok for a girls name?

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I know of two Micah's and they are both boys.  I love Brooke though. 
i like it its unique and very pretty!
I though Micah was a boy's name to so I wanted to see if it had a masculine meaning but it has a feminine meaning as well. According to the baby name link Micah in female form is a varriation of the Hebrew name Malka which means Queen. Which makes this name such a beautiful choice for any little princess and future queen. And Brooke is such a beautiful name by itself. So your daughter will have a perfect name.
I do like it, but you asked, so I'm going to answer. No. save it for a boy. If everyone keeps using boy names for girls names there will be no boys names left.  :) congratulations!
If we have a girl, we're planning on naming her Mhaica, a variation of Micah.  Micah Brooke sounds great to me!
Now days there are no traditional names for boy or girls. tons of boys names are being as girl names. Honestly think about your daughter at 5, 15, 25, 40 and ask your self if you could see he being called Micah. And if the answer is yes then go for it. Theres no right or wrong as far as names go. If you and your partner love it then name her Micah Brooke. 
Spend an entire day saying, "Micah Brooke, come here please", "Micah Brooke, please stop hitting your sister", "Michah Brooke, time to wash up to eat", "Michah Brooke, please put these toys away". Also yell it out the back door numerous times. Keep this up for an entire day and see how you feel about the name after that. We call this the field test.
Another point - if you are unsure now, you are just plain unsure. Don't use this name. The right one will resonate in your spirit; you won't question or doubt.
I really like that name. and brooke is my middle name so LOVE IT! :)
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