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Middle name to go with Camden

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I have had the first name picked out for a long time but i cant think of a middle name to go with it please help i am 37 weeks

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are there any names that are in your family that you could use? Thatwas how we chose the middle names for both of our kids.. Maddison lynn, lynn is my dads middle name.. and dominic richard... richard was my bf's grandpas name.. I personally never woudl have chose to use richard if it hadnt been for the meaning behind it .. sorry I cant help anymore but without knowing your last name its kinda hard to see how it all would sound together.. good luck you dont have much longer!! =)
my last name is Smith 
I love the names Orion also spelled O'Ryan(Hunter, it's a constellation), Rene(Born Again), Aaron(Enlightened), or Elias(The Lord is my God) as middle names for Camden. But if you don't like these you can always try the which is always fun. Good luck!
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What I think would sound really good. Camden Michael Smith. <3
I think "Camden Christopher Smith" sounds really good.

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