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Middle names for Abby...

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In the beg. I wanted to name my daughter Ellillana Marie after my mother and MIL but my mom disliked the idea and MIL loved the idea. Now I have decided on naming my daughter Abigail but my MIL still wants my daughter's middle name to be named after her, her name is Mary Ann. I could not find any variations of mary that I like for Abigail but I have found two names with Ann. The first would be Abigail Anahi(beautiful flower or native princess) or Abigail Eliana(God has answered my prayers). I'm unsure on which one I like, my husband hates dealing with the whole name game, and I don't want to get any one else involved until I have decided. So please help. Also I was wondering how I should spell Abigail if I should spell it Abbygail(my fav.) or Abigail?

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I would say spell it how you want to spell it. As for the middle name I like Eliana but it should be what you want to name her and not what you are being forced to name her. Did you pick out any middle names that you liked? I would name her what I want to if it was me. Your MIL had her day of naming babies when she had her children. I'm sure she wouldn't have liked her MIL telling her what to name her children. If it makes you feel better to just make everyone happy then maybe you should let your MIL be in on the decision. Tell her you can't find a variation that fits right and see what she says then. The decision should ultimately be for you and your husband to decide. Good luck sweetie! :)
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If you feel like you should name your baby after your MIL (which should be your decision) then you should, Marie is really pretty with the name Abigail.  My daughter's name is Abbey, not Abigail, and her middle name is Kathleen (after both my mom and MIL), so I like having family names. Regarding spelling, now that my daughter is 5, she wishes she could find her name on cups, pencils, keychain...the spelling on all those items is "ABIGAIL".Hope this helps, good luck!

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