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Middle names to go with Sloane

5 answers
My husband and I are TTC and are looking for a middle name to go with Sloane (girl). Our last name is quite long (5 syllables and 11 letters) so we are hoping to keep it short so that our future child will not have trouble filling out forms for her whole life! Our favorites so far are: Sloane Marie & Sloane Elizabeth But they don't sound just right. Any ideas?

answers (5)

Wow! Thats a pretty unique name. I agree that Marie and Elizabeth don't realy fit with it. Even though they are pretty names they sound very plain next to Sloane. You will have to find something just as unique to go with it for it to sound right. What about Teagan or Taylor? I thought they sounded pretty good with Sloane. I think thats a hard one. Good luck with the search! :)
i like sloane isabella or sloane olivia
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For some reason I think the name Sloane calls for a middle name starting with "J." Sloane Jacey?
I agree with MOMMYOFZOO, Sloane kind of needs a unique middle name.  I love Sloane Louisa, but Sloane Louise, Sloane Vivien or Sloane Kinsley (Tinsley) could work, too, depending on how they fit with your last name.

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