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Miscarriage, period or implantation bleeding or !!!

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Hello everyone so may 8 2015 i had my period and they last about 4 days med flow to heavy thats my normal cycle but i dont get cramps back pain nothing except sore breasts and sensitive nipples and kept having the urge to urinate alot and nauseous alot was t able to wat so my period was suppose to come june 4 it didnt come so on june 15 i used the restroom urinated then wiped it was light blood no pad needed then as i got up i started to get cramps i put a tampon on then later urinated changed my tampon it was very light bllod but the bllod was dark brownish so i decided to put on a pad i was spotting a whole week from light to medish blood but then 2 fays later when i urinate i bleed alot of red dark blood but then i have the pad on during the day i spot medium ish blood it wasnt never enough to change my pads durin the day then the blood on the pad turns browish It lasted a week and with cramps and side pain with bloating i took 1 hpt negative and 2 urine dr test negative ps its now july 2 my boobs nipples are sensitive to touch and i still have been bloated but eveyone keeps saying im loosing weight even my bf whats wring with me

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