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how long do you bleed when you have a misscarge. im on day 10 now.

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When I misscarried it was very weird. I think it depends on how far along you are. I didn't even know I was pregnant so I started spotting and did that for about a week or so. Then it started getting heavier and heavier. Then I thought I was just having my period. I had just started the depo shot. The only thing that made me worry was how bad it hurt. I thought I was having the most awful cramps ever so I went to my sister's house to see if she had any midol. Thats when I lost the baby. I think I kept bleeding after that though. I remember bleeding for so long that I went to the emergency room to see if everything was ok. Do you know for sure you are misscarring? Its a very emotional thing to have to go through. The guy I was with when I had it happen didn't believe me that that was what was happening. Neither did his mother even after the dr told me it was. I hope you have people around you that love you and will help you through this awful time.
If you are still bleeding heavily on day 10, you need to see a doctor! If it is slow, and more like the end of you're period, you are probably fine. Bleeding heavily for that long could be a sign that it isn't a clean miscarry (as in part of it is still attached to your uterus, and could need to be removed. Good luck, and hopefully everything goes well for you. I miscarried with my first pregnancy, and looking back now, I truly believe that it happened for a reason.

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