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Missed period 2 months

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Ok my last period was Sept 6 and it is now November 3rd. I tool 2 pregnancy test, last week and two weeks before that. Both negative. My nipples hurt and I have uncomfortable heavy cramping in my low abdomen. I am very active and am on a low carb / high fat diet for training purposes. Can anyone relate?

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An innlilegett point of view, well expressed! Thanks!
Your answer lifts the inlcnligetee of the debate.
The most important thing is to eat hhaetly foods, like lots of veggies,(green) and lots of colors, carrots, beets, asparagus, fruits, anything thats good for you will be good for the baby, cut back on sugar, salt and sweets, not a lot of soft drinks, no alcohol, maybe a glass of wine on occasion, but check with your doc first, regular exercise, like walking to maintain a hhaetly weight, lots of rest, especially later on, you'll need it!! LOL, good luck and God bless, glenda [url=]vqzsihz[/url] [link=]jfuaibem[/link]

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