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Missed Period, Negative Test, Strange Cramping- need advice?

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I was diagnosed with pelvic inflammatory disease at the beginning of June. It seems I suffered from this for about two months before it was properly diagnosed. I was on BC and having normal periods, although some of them lasted longer than 6 days. My last period was June 2nd and ended on the 11th. Starting on the 11th of June I took a two week cycle of two antibiotics, staggering 6 hours apart. I have not had a period since then. I began to think I was pregnant because I had strange cramps, thicker than normal CM, followed by thick creamy discharge (sorry if that's TMI). I have been off birth control since the 11th of June. I have taken about 8 HPTs and received two positives but found out later after researching that they were Evap lines. I took two first response tests yesterday and they were both negative. I am worried that I possibly am not ovulating anymore because of the PID. Or I possibly am pregnant, but I figured it would show up on a test as I am over a week past when my period is due. Does anyone have any experience with this? Can antibiotics effect ovulation/menstruation? Is it too early to tell if I am pregnant still? If I am not pregnant am I still ovulating even though I did not get a period? Any advice is great. Thank you.

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