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Missed Period/Dilemma

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I know that says that I should take a pregnancy test the day after my missed period, but that seems too soon for me. Then again, says that it's better to wait a week until I take the pregnancy test, but that's too long. Here's my dilemma (for those who do not know): I'm in the military and when military personnel get pregnant, we must go and take their tests to make sure and then, appointments are made, advice given and then, the pregnant woman is put on a waiver. This waiver stats that the woman cannot do certain things. I'm a bit worried, though. Tomorrow, I'm working somewhere where I will be picking up heavy baggage ad yes, I COULD take a test and it pop positive, but the hospital will not test for pregnancy until I'm four days late. My period was supposed to start the 10 March... When should I take the preg test?

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Take a test. If you get a positive result you can always go to the hospital and tell them your period is 4 days late. I'm sure they don't keep track of that.

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