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Missed/Lack of Period

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Back in Aug i experienced my period. Since then I have yet to have it. Back in Aug. I had it from the 18th to the 23rd. During that time, and about 2 weeks before hand I started having lower abdominal pains which resulted in me going to a urologist, who in the end performed a cystoscope on the 24th of Aug. (the reason was they found traces of blood in my urine before i had started my period.)In the end nothing was ever found to be wrong and it seemed to disappear on its own. Within the past, week to week and a half. I had sex with my boyfriend where we used a condom. As of now I am not on any birth control, because I am taking Paxil(10mg) for my anxiety and it reacted badly when mixed, so my doctor took me off. Now i am experiencing lower back pain, what feels slightly like cramps, random food cravings and nausea, some whitish/slightly yellow discharge, as well as tiredness and trouble sleeping. My concern is could i possible be pregnant or could it be something else? I plan on making an appointment to see my gyno but i might not be able to get an appt for at least 2 month. Any suggestion? Please and Thank you

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I would go to the doctor, honestly you can't trust the home pregnancy test :). There is no way to know if your pregnant because sometimes period symtoms and pregnancy symtoms are easily confused.Because you used a condom your probably not pregnant but there are couples that use condoms and they break.I had light spotting and cramps in my first trimester, cravings and nausea were horrible for me so I can't say your not pregnant , but its like a 1 in a million chance that you will get pregnant using condoms.
You can take a home pregnancy test but you should also see your doctor. 
Actually, condoms are only about 85-98% effective, depending on how well they're used. So the chances of getting pregnant are way more than one in a million. The chances are literally 2-15 in 100.That said, if you're thinking you got pregnant in the last two weeks your body wouldn't be producing enough hcg (pregnancy hormone) to give you pregnancy symptoms. Your fertilized egg would have barely implanted in your uterine wall. A home pregnancy test (which are generally very reliable when taken at the appropriate time) probably wouldn't give you a positive result yet, even if you were actually pregnant. If it's possible you got pregnant in Aug/Sept or even early Oct you should be able to get a positive test result.If you think you may be pregnant you need to see your doctor immediately to find out whether or not you need to change or stop your medication. Paxil and other antidepressants have been shown to cause birth defects so you need to know right away whether or not you are pregnant. If you aren't pregnant you need to take more precautions. If you can't be on hormonal birth control you shold talk to your doctor about options like a diaphragm or IUD in addition to using condoms.

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