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mom says 13yrld sister acting out.....i say i dont think so.....

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my 13 yrld sister is welll starting to get into my kinda music and is slowly starting to dress like me. My mom says shes out of control but i dont think so. Its not like shes talking back or anything. She has the highst grade point average in school shes well behaved and well everything im not. shes out spoken and very well with bad news. and just cuz her taste in music and clothes has changed my mother says shes out of control..... is she or its just me?

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Well, if she's starting to dress like you and starting to like things that you do and you aren't "well behaved", she may be worrying that your sister is going to be just like you. She may blame your pregnancy and your other behavior on your style of dress and taste in music and therefore does not want your sister dressing the same way, listening to the same music, etc.
my family no's nothing about it. im in she is in the middle of the dress code of mine and her's. She wears all black but doesnt show anything, she doesnt wear the fishnet shirts like i do, no torn up jeans with fishnet under, she just wears all black with purple and pink some times. she doesnt wear any makeup, pink nails.convers or twinkle toes, brownish blond hair pink pikaboosi dress black torn jeans with torn fishnet legins under, black torn up fishnet shirt,black nails, steal toe boots, black hair with rainbow pikaboos if its pride month but usually its black with green or redso i dont see how my mom thinks shes beeing like me
YOu said straight out in your original post that she is starting to like your kind of music and dressing like you. I think the previous poster is correct...Mom is worried that she will turn out like you and is concerned. I can imagine how heart broken your mom is because of you getting pregnant, Moms feel like they failed their child when something like this happens and quite often the younger sibling suffers for it because mom tries to enforce stricter rules so that she doesn't "make the same mistake twice"
Your mom is afraid that if she mimics your dress style, she might start mimicing your other choices too. That said, some mothers favor one child and gets upset and blames someone else if their favorite child starts to change. Your sister is at that stage where she needs to try new things out. She isn't you and right now your mom is just seeing the 'bad' that might happen.
ok maybe yourt rightbut why mimic memy sister is 13 dotn 13yrolds mimic movie actores or singers?not everything about me is bad
Ultimately, you have to let your mom be the parent.

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