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Mommy and Daddy have tattoos

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My husband and i were recently at the mall with our 7 year old and 15 month old. We are both covered in tattoos. A woman stopped us and said (in front of the kids btw), "People like you, with all your tattoos, should NEVER have children. It's abuse." I did not want to argue with her in front of my kids but later my son asked me why having tattoos makes me a bad mom. I told him some people just don't understand the way i look. I'm sure this will happen again. How should i handle it?

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Its harder for people from older generations to understand the younger generations love for tattoos. Back in the day people with tattoo were roughed up military kids, gang members or prisoners. Although alot of that is still what it is today but also is the world of incredible and beautiful art work of todays tattoo artists. To us it's art and expression, old memories, things that make us smile or a way for us to never forget something or someone. Tattoos don't make you a bad person and it definitly doesn't make you a bad parent. My husband and I are covered as well, I'm 14 weeks pregnant and I know one day I will be confronted with the same situation.In all honesty it's a good thing that your son was there so now you can explain to him how prejudice this world can be and to teach him to never judge a book by it's cover. Best of all it'll teach him to never be ashamed of himself or the things he stands for. I think if anything this will be a great eye opener for him and it's even better that it happened at so young of age. I know things like this are embarrassing and you don't want to cause a scene but if you don't stand up for yourself and your beliefs what is that showing your children?
You are right i should have stood up for myself and walked away to show that i was not ashamed. I was just afraid that she would say more nasty things that my son would hear. Honestly i also really wanted to point out to her that her child was the one being a terror and throwing stuff all over the store but i wouldn't sink to her level. :) I pride myself that my son goes to an alternative school that teaches them to love everyone as who they are and i really should have showed that to him. Thank you. Next time (and if history shows, there WILL be a next time) i will do just that (but keeping my cool) :)
I get comments all the time on my appearance while being a mom. So what, I'm a mom!? Am I supposed to quit getting tattooed and dying my hair? My daughter is one of the happiest babies I know. I adore the complexed look on her face when she tries to pull my tattoos off and she can't get them. I love the ability to walk away and laugh off people who comment on all my tattoos. Always remember that people who judge others are just insecure with themselves. 
 my husband has been in the tatto industry for 20 years. he's 40 years old, i'm 23. my daughter is 20 months old, and for fun we put temp tats on her. cute things like cupcakes, stars, hearts, etc. i took her to the doc office one day wearing a tutu and a t-shirt. her arms were adorned with 6 temp tats, and her hair in a mohawk. we sat down next to a pentacostal woman, and her 6 children. when she saw my tats, and the temps on my daughter, she told me that i should be ashamed of myself to put such garbage on my body, and also my baby girl. she then got up, and took her kids far away from me. did it bother me? yes. i didnt say anything at the time, even though i desperately wanted to. i decided that it was better for me to keep my mouth shut and take it all in strides, than end up making a scene. but on the other hand, my husband is the opposite. it's a good thing he wasn't there that day. im sure it would have gotten ugly. lol. i love my tats, and my husband is damn near covered himself, and his ears are guaged to 1 1/2 inches. we cant go anywhere without people gawking at us. but thats ok. be proud of your tats, and who gives a rats ass what others think. your not doing it to please them, your doing it for yourself. they are just jealous, hun. they can only dream of being cool like us.

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