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how about this? i read a lot of questions on about what to do when your 14 and pregnant, or your 13 year old is having sex. we, mothers need to take a stand and talk to our daughters openly about sex. and don't wait for them to come to you! grab your daughter, and explain to her the risks of sexual involment of all types. and let's not be shy, ladies! seriously, i'm going to make a you tube video of how to talk to your daughter's about sex. i have a 20 month old girl, and i plan to take a stand as well. see you on you tube ladies. i will update you will info. i can be reached at

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I have two daughters and with the older one have been completely honest about body parts.  Mommy has blood once a month and that means no baby is growing.  The first time she asked me about the blood I felt anxious but now it is no big deal.  Start young with age appropriate descriptions and use real words.  You get to practice through any embarrassment when they are young and your kids learn to trust you.
thank you for that, and well said. surprisingly, you are the only one that has commented yet. i was hoping more people would respond, but oh well
When my daughter is old enough you bet she's getting the talk.. but I probably won't go as overboard as my mom did with the charts and all that nonsence. But, let's face it, it takes a very special person to not have sex as a teenager. So many pressures, I defenitely CAN wait for my 5 month old daughter to been a teen.
My mother tried to have the talk with me when I was 10 and she was pregnant with my sister. I must say she would have done a very good job except that I already knew! My older neighbor had told me when I was 8. I told my mom what I knew and she agreed my information was correct. The point is, young girls have the ability to understand the basics of sex, periods, pregnancy, etc.I agree there is a lot of pressure to have sex as a teen, and that is why it is so important to discuss birth control with your daughter.Good luck with your endeavor, Pink paisley.
I think parents should also teach boys about sex as well as the girls.

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