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The more i think about it the less i want it...

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Im excited about being pregnant but the more i think about the only two ways she is going to come out im scared and dont want to go through with it... Is this normal? Is there any way to help me get over this fear of actually birthing? Please help...

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It does seem scary. I can tell you that I had a less than perfect birth experience, but the moment it was over and I saw my baby I didn't care. Just remember that women have been giving birth for as long as there have been women on this earth. Your body is made to do this and you will be just fine.
i was scared to. i just made myself not think about the birth until that day came..and when it did it was a great experience. i had a great doc who made me laugh and got the epi as soon as i could. i could have waited longer the pain wasnt to bad but why suffer if you dont have to right? im sure u will be fine. do u have ppl to support you in the delivery room?
Try looking into hypnobabies, it works on reducing fears around childbirth and teaches you strategies that really help. Also, if you look into some non-mainstream media (books by midwives, doulas, etc) you can find some evidence that birth can be empowering rather than scary.  
With my first pregnancy I was absolutely terrified of giving birth, I was so scared of having a c section & having my son vaginally. My husband helped a lot in helping me feel better. he was very strong & supportive & kept telling me that no matter what everything would be ok & more then worth to finally get our lil man in our arms. So id tell you to keep that in your mind. Just keep the vision of finally getting to hold your lil baby in your arms for the first time. Think about the tiny lil fingers & toes & what the eyes might look like. Everything will work out & be more then worth it when you hold the baby for the first time.
I understand your fears! I was afraid to but it didn't really hit me till I was in the delivery room. The idea of delivery is scary but it is not that bad. I had my little four month old naturally. I had back labor the whole time yes it was painful during the contraction but I made it through. The actual pushing was short and she was out in only 3 short pushes! you might get lucky with a quick delivery or it might take longer. Either way when the time comes and you are having contractions you just think about it being over at some point. getting that little baby out will make all the pain go away and then its over! good luck you will do fine. Just take a deep breath and talk to your doctor if your fears don't go away.
I was scared about birthing too. I can ask friends that have had babies. Or even family members, but everyone is different. I was scared outta my mind abut giving birth to my son. I asked to be put to sleep and to have a c section. But I did it natural and everything went just fine. I was in labor for 12 hours, lol didnt really feel anything, got the medicine(if u choose too) and I was numb the whole time. Hope everything works for you 
I had a pre scheduled c-section, that turned out to be an emergency one about 2 weeks before.  Knowing exactly what day the baby will come is just as nerve racking as not knowing.  When I was in the ER due to placenta abrasion and the severe bleeding that came with that, I was relieved to know the end was not that far along.  (2 hours later my little man was out)  Having a strong support team worked wonders.  My husband and my mother in law were amazing and without them I don't think I could have done it.Fear with anything new and unknown to you is completely normal.  A co-worker of mine had her son about 4 months after I had my son, so she was prepared but scared because of everything I had gone through.  Talk to your doc if your fears don't subside or they get worse.  But remember your fears are normal.
Dont be scared Ijust turned 21 in march My oldest Shaylyn turned 2 8days before my big 21 I was 8 days away from being 19 when I had my beautiful bundle of joy.... Iwent to the hospital almost on the daily with the last week of my pregancy then one Saturday Morning I woke up in so much pain and I wont lie the Pain hurts but I tried to just think about it as it was a stomach ache that really hurt. I so wanted to just see my baby that I walked around a Park close to my House made sure  Iwent home and had a good breakfast.... then when the pain seems to be to much to bear I told my husband It was time.... As soon as I got admited in to the hospital I made it clear that I was Hurting the nurses should take good care of you and I suggest the EPI it makes a worlds difference I went from tears and screaming to smiles and tears of happiness. TO be honest with you I went from around 1:00pm till 11:52pm when My water finally broke in no pain just anxious to get her out. Once My water broke it went fairly fast and even as she crowned I felt no pain just pressure. She was Born at 12:11am March 8th 2009.
My son was a lot bigger than my Daughter and his labor was just as fast as my first I did the same things I did with My daughter except I didnt ake up in pain the pain didnt even start untill I was in the hospital 6 cm dialted then I got the EPI and only felt pressure from there on out... However with EPI it did have some side affects on me that you may or may not have... After I gave birth it make me shiver but I wasnt cold it just mad eme shake which was a little scary for me I dont know about C sections But vaginal delivery can be a Great experiance just have the thought in you head that YOU CAN  DO THIS!!!!! You will do Great Congrats on your little one...

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