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Morning Sickness! Any tips?!

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I'm 8 weeks along and just started to have morning sickness. It starts right after I eat breakfast, I've changed what I'm eating but it doesn't help, neither do crackers. I start to feel sick , then get sick and that happens about 4-6 times until about 3pm:( Any tips on how to deal with this?

answers (5)

Try a vitamin B6 supplement. If you are lacking, it will help. Other than that, pay attention to what happens right before you get sick. What triggers it? If you can pinpoint something, the fix will be easy.Another thing to try is change what time of day you are taking your prenatal vitamins. They can sometimes cause nausea or make it worse.Good luck :)
Nevermind, I asked the local pharmacist and he suggested B6 and Cola Syrup, tried it this afternoon and it works!:)
Thanks so much for your answer, the B6 really does help!:)  He said to take 1/2 tablet every morning and Cola Syrup only when the syptoms present themselves:)
Ginger works great.  And tastes good too  if you buy the candied ginger at the store (and oriental markets).. or you can get the capsules in the vitamin aisle.
I also wear the car sick bands that go on your wrists.  Helps when you start to feel queasy.

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