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mouth licking

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my son is almost 3 and he has started licking his mouth to where it has become raw. what can I do about it.

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My ten year old daughter does the same thing. She started with chapped lips and it got worse from there. She has been doing it for as long as I can remember. It is hard to convince her that licking is not the best answer to the dryness. What I have done, is make her use lip balm as often as possible. Good tasting if she remembers, yucky if she has to be told. You may want to try just good stuff to start with as your little guy is younger. Good luck :)
take some carmex or balmex, the kind that comes in the little metal jars. it will taste sooo nasty when he licks, but will aid in healing the raw skin.
My son had to be seen by the doctor his lips got so bad. I will tell you what his doctor told me...NO carmex. It won't hurt per se, but it is not for chapping, it is for oral herpes aka canker sores, so it won't help at all and since it is to isolate the virus it can seal in bacteria. Also no flavors as it promotes them licking off the tasty stuff. Instead Use plain black and white Chapstick during the day, once an hour and not just on lips but all around to to heal and seal out all the ickies kids contact, it also does not taste good which will curb the habit. Then Cetaphil face moisturizer at night to help heal as well but letting the wound breath. Also make sure to wash their face well after eatingso they don't want to keep licking the sauce or ice cream or whatever off.Hope that helps. It helped us a lot. He still licks a little but it's SO much better and his mouth isn't all broken and bleeding. It takes awhile. Just like for us grown ups, bad habits are hard to break. :)

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