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My 1 and 1/2 year old daughter doesn't like to hold hands with me. I insist on it when we're in the mall, or crossing a street, or walking down the sidewalk, however she practically rips my hand off of her's when we walk outside together. She's really fast and I'm so terrified of what could happen if I let go of her, especially in a crowded area or near a street. I used to put her in her stroller when she wouldn't hold hands with me, but I want her to learn she needs to hold hands and I'm so tired of lugging the stroller everywhere. I have a baby harness, which I've used a few times, but I get a lot of dirty looks from people when I use it and I'm not crazy about it either. Any good advice?

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Next time you want to take her somewhere that she really wants to go (like the park) Tell her before you leave that if she doesn't hold your hand all the way there that you will go right home.Now the key is to actually MEAN it attempt a walk to the park. if she doesnt listen then turn around and go home. She will get the hint.As far as the baby harness. If you need it use it don't worry about other peoples dirty looks. I am not a fan of them either but if it means you and daughter get home  in one piece so be it.
Thanks Cresteds, I appreciate it. :-)
baby harnesses are given the bad rap because every parent I see use them totally ignore their kid. If it makes you feel safer, use it but imply the rule of holding hands. If she breaks the rule, you still have her and she is still safe. Then if she does real good, reward her with a treat such as ice cream or a play date with mommy.
My daughter was the same way and my son is now as well. We thought we would need a harness but we never did. With both kids we did our best early on to train them to hold our hands and when they wouldn't we kept them in the stroller. Eventually they learned on their own that holding hands was better than being trapped in the stroller. Keep working with your daughter, she'll figure it out in her own time.

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