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to much drama at home stepmom hit me..

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so last night like always my stepmom and dad invite there friends and start to drink..the usally for my stepmom she's always it was about 1:30am when my dad and stepmom went to sleep and starting fighting my stepmom was pretending that my dad was hitting her and she started hittting the wall's screaming and everything so i got up went to go check & she was just doing that to make it seem like my dad did really hit her and he didn' then i got my little baby sister that will be 14 month's tommorow because she was shaking and crying her lung's out..and i told my dad and stepmom they need to grow up because my sister none of us need this my life has been pretty messt up.i've been melasted by my stepdad beat,and everything else you can imagine and im only 16 year's then my stepmom pushed my face away so i did the same i moved her and said don't put your hands on me your not my mom you have no right she said she don't then i went to my room mad,pissed,crying because i was just thinking about my son..i know i can't stress and all that but if you guy's were to live with me for 1 day you would see how messed up my life is..what should i do..?

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You can try to go into foster care if you feel it would be better. If you reported to the state that she is violent against you and what your step father did they would remove you from the homes and but you into another one. I cannot guarantee that one would be any better and it could even be worse. You are in a very rough spot and I am sure there is a lot of stress in the house because of your situation.
i know but i also have a little brother and sister and my mom is very depressed right now and wont let us be with her at this moment..,and he's my actual father not step,..and i know it probably won't and yeah there is and all i think about is my son...that i don't wanna loose to 2 much stressing..?

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