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my 1 year old son..

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hi well my son just turned one january 14th<3 and now that hes walking and started to say ''mommmy' and ''daddy'' well i have a little sister that just turned 2 and her and my son play all day long and my little sister is starting to get ''stingy'' she likes to hit my son when he wants to play with her and now slowly he's starting to hit her back! and they fight! and my son is now starting to hit me when he dosent get what he wants like when i have money left over to buy a little bit of food for my house when he sees like candy or chips he goes and gets it and i let him hold it til where going to pay than i tell him to put it back and recently he thru the biggest fit ever! he thru himself on the floor and he didnt stop crying he was yelling like if i was hitting him & i would never hit my son i grew up beeing hit all the time! and so i gave in and got him the chips than he stopped idk what to do now he hits everyone his dad my mother in law etc.. any advice help.?

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Be consistent with your discipline. Tell him no and mean it. In the store, do not let him hold anything you do not intend to buy. Doing that is teasing him and isn't fair. If he is grabby or gets bored, bring a toy or let him hold something you will be buying. As far as the hitting goes, when he does it, grab his hand and tell him that hitting isn't nice. Quickly explain that it hurts people. If you're holding him, put him down when he youngest turned one at the beginning of the month and she is a serious drama queen at home. She throws mini tantrums and cries over everything. I do my best to ignore the tantrums, and I know that eventually, they'll stop once she learns that the tantrums don't get her what she wants.

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