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My 10 month old bit into a glow stick, can it hurt her?

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I was doing the dishes and she was playing with her toys,I had a glow stick from the 4th of july and she bit into it and then crawled into the kitchen whining with her tongue sticking out and I noticed she had a green tongue... I don't have the number to poison control,is it gonna hurt her?

answers (9)

You need to call poison control. Obviously you have a computer, Google the number. I had to do the same thing when I thought my son ate an air freshener. (He didn't.)
Oceana I think that you are a very lonely person and you are on here simply for attention. If you cared about your daughter you would have known to google the poison control number without venture having to tell you too. You need to find a hobby that doesnt involve waisting peoples time or energy. On numerous occasions I have read your answers to people only to turn around and read you post the same or similar question. Its sad.
Hey Lovin, that's a little harsh. There's nothing wrong with being lonely or needing attention and she isn't wasting anyone's time. Plenty of people on here have asked really stupid questions and other people graciously answer them without expressing judgment. Chill out and be nice. Oceana, I know you're going through a rough time right now. If you need someone to talk to you can email me at or you can look me up on facebook. I spend more time than I should on my computer during the day!
First of all I love my daughter more then anything in the world and I didn't know to google to find the number to poison control I would have done it if I knew, second of all I work I take care of my daughter and I spend time with my husband if anything I need more time to myself I am never lonely. I don't think you should be talking about me and what I do, you don't know me and yes I post ridiculous stuff but I see people do that all the time if I wanna know something no matter how retarded it is I will ask.I didn't know to google it and my husband was at family doller buying baby food for my lil girl so I didn't know what to do. By the way like 4 minutes after I posted this I called my husband and told him to come home and let me use the car to take her to the emergency room.
SO u post ridiculous things because others do. That says alot about you! I wasnt trying to be harsh but sometimes people need a little honesty brutal or not! Venture You are a nice person but if you have looked at Oceanas history of questions and answers ( as i did trying to find out what kind of person asks these questions) you will have read where she said she was pregnant with quints. SO maybe i am harsh but I think that crazy people shouldnt parent as I was the child of a bipolar mother who wasnt medicated til i was a teen. I had a horrible childhood and dont want to see any other children be put through the same.
Lovin, I've gotten to Know Oceana a little bit over the last couple of months and from what I've seen, she's a very loving mother and a nice person. We all have crazy ideas sometimes, especially during pregnancy. I have a crazy feeling that I'm having twins, even though two ultrasounds have only shown one baby. I just can't shake the feeling and I can't stop thinking about it. It's not to the point that I'm buying an extra car seat or crib or anything, but partof me definitely believes it. Does that make me crazy or an unqualified parent? No. It makes me pregnant. Hormones can make a person a little irrational.I had a terrible childhood too, with a single mother who was probably bipolar and who was definitely doing drugs at times to get her through school and two jobs. I pretty much had to raise myself. Does that mean I judge other people's parenting abilities based on questions they ask on the internet? No. Because I don't know that person and taking random moments out of context doesn't present an accurate picture of who they are.I know that Oceana and her husband are going through a very difficult time right now because she's had two miscarriages in less than 5 months. If she asks something a little silly I cut her some slack because I can't imagine dealing with what she's going through. We ALL have our "duh" moments, no one is perfect. Parenting is tough and not everyone knows how to deal with every single situation. When I thought my son ate an air freshener I freaked out when I realized I didn't have the number for poison control anywhere. Thankfully, I spend a ton of time on the computer so my first thought was to Google it. But plenty of other people who aren't as computer savvy probably wouldn't think of that and would just panic because they didn't know what to do. That doesn't mean they're crazy or stupid. Parenting is hard sometimes and there are definitely times when keeping a cool head is more difficult than it should be. Like, when someone is already dealing with a lot of stress and emotional pain, for instance.So if you think someone is stupid, why don't you just keep it to yourself. There are plenty of other people here who are willing to answer any question, no matter how silly, strange or stupid it may sound. Plenty of people here want to offer advice and support, not criticism and judgment.
Thank you vforventure for understanding my ''duh'' moments and for your advice. Also lovinmsma2-3 I have been going through alot I have had 2 miscarriages in a short time and thats alot on someone. If you have judgemental ideas that doesn't mean you have to say them especailly if you don't know that person.
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