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My 10 month old is gagging herself!!

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My 10 month old baby girl has been sticking her fingers down her throat and making herself gag. It doesn't seem to bother her and she even smiles and laughs when I catch her doing it! She isn't in any stress when she does it but sometimes she's so persistent that she throws up. She's been doing this for about a month now. Is this just a weird phase she's going through? Any tips on getting her to STOP?!

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I think maybe shes just trying to explore with her body and she finds it amazing that if she sticks her finger in her throat she will feel that funny feeling and gag. Maybe as she gets bigger and discovers other parts of her body she wont do it any more. My 2 year old would do the same thing  when she was smaller untill she forgot about it...!!
this seems to be an ongoing trend. my daughter did the EXACT same thing, and so did her twin cousins who are 2 months older. it's best to try and stop her as son as you see her doing it. because although it isn't harmful, cleaning up unnecessary throw up is anything but pleasant!
My son did the same thing from an early age and still does it occasionally at 21 months! If you notice that she thinks it's funny, it's probably behavioral, as opposed to a medical problem. Next time she gags herself, IGNORE her- even though it bothers you (believe me! I know how agitating it is!) Don't say "no!" Don't pull her hands away from her mouth! Don't even raise an eyebrow. Pretend everything is fine and dandy. She may be doing this to elicit a response from you. Does she do this at the end of a meal? When she wants to come out of the high chair? When you're busy with something else? If so, it's likely behavioral. IF, however, she seems to be uncomfortable and/or she is not gaining weight, definitely go see a specialist! I brought my son to a pediatric G.I. specialist, who prescribed fiber powder in his bottle. He thought that my son was uncomfortable due to an excess of gas in his stomach and therefore tried to make himself vomit to relieve the pressure. It seemed to help. Good luck!

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