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my 10 year old says she has a foul odor coming from her privates

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Do I take her to her regular male doctor or a gyno?

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Whatever she is comfortable with. When I was about that age I told my mom I was not comfortable with my male peditrian and wanted a female so we switched. Maybe it is time to find another.  I still prefer female doctors for myself and right now we are at a practice that has female and male doctors so my son and daughter can choose which they are more comfortable with as they get older.
I honestly don't like going to a male doctor for private things like that. Its akward for me to have a male looking at my private parts other then my husband. So ask her want shes comfortable with and move on from there.
I would recommend a female one. When you set up the appointment it may not matter much to her but as it gets time for the appointment, I think she'd get uncomfortable with a male. Going in to get checked out down there can be pretty scary at her age.
I would talk to your regular  peditrition and see what he recommends. Both my daughters go the pedtrition I saw all of my life, so I can't imagine switching just because he's male. He may be able to recomend a nurse practitioner, or female docter in or associated with his practice. If you are as attached to your peds as I am to mine that might work out better than completley changing doctors.

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