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my 11 month old has started hitting, how do i get her to stop?

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I have been grabbing her arm/hand and telling her NO HIT but this doesnt seem to work:(

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Continue tellin her no and if she hates something like car seat, or crib, make her stay in time out for 5 to 10 minutes. Reward her when she obeys, but make sure she knows, that when she is not nice, she gets time out.
I write an educational column for my town's newpaper and addressed this topic recently. It's too much to cut and paste, so here's the link, and I hope it helps: 
Sounds like you are doing the right thing.  Also, tell her "you hurt mommy when you hit".  She'll get it eventually. 
My son is the same age, and he does hit as well.  But he doesn't do it when he's upset, he does it just because, so when he does hit, I tell him no.  If he continues then I put him down.  I don't know if this is ok or not but for us it works.  He has slacked on the hitting.  I think he was doing it mostly cause of the noise it made.  Once he started clapping his hands about a month ago I noticed the hitting has almost stopped.  Hope this helps.
One thing that has worked well for us is to take their hand and gently rub it on the spot they just hit and say "gentle, gentle hands with mommy" (or whoever they hit) and to do that every time they do it. Most children will stop after only a few days of doing this with them.Heather Lowrance 
My daughter went through a stage like this.  It's important to let your child know that this is unacceptable.  Be consistant.  Say, "no, don't hit mommy, that hurts mommy", and hold his/her hands.  If it happens again put her in time out or put her down.  If she starts to cry then that's good it means she's learning, after a few minutes maybe tell her, "Mommy loves you, but you can't hit, it hurts ok?"  If she seems to get it hug on her and love on her, but if she doesn't go through the above again.  Hope this helps!

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