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My 11.5-mo old DD has been screaming & crying when left @ daycare?

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My daughter has been screaming & crying (crawling & walking after me out the door) recently when I leave her at daycare. It's not so bad the mornings that Dad drops her off... is this just a "mama" separation anxiety? is something going on at daycare? She's been at the same daycare since 3-mo old... and even though I will talk to her and pick her up some mornings, and just tell her bye-bye other mornings, I'm at a loss for what to do! I'm a regretful working mama, so leaving my baby upset at daycare is making me feel more guilty!

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It sounds like it's probably just normal separation anxiety. Little ones go through multiple phases of separation anxiety as they grow up. If she's fine when her dad drops her off it's probably just that she wants to be with you. Make sure you get as much quality time with her as possible when you can. She should grow out of this in a few weeks.

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