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my 12 year old is asking to get her ears pierced should i

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That depends on you, and your child.  Are you okay with her piercing her ears at 12 years?  When were yours pierced (assuming they are)?  Is she responsible enough to take care of them herself while they're healing?  There's a whole regime of cleaning and turning the posts daily until the holes have healed, and she could get a pretty nasty infection if she doesn't do it.  (I should know - I didn't clean regularly, and I got a horrific infection in one of my earlobes.  Hurt like heck, too!)  If you don't think she's ready, but you don't mind the idea, then use the piercing as a goal: set the parameters for her, very clearly, that she has to meet in order to get the piercings, and once she meets them, follow through and let her.
At 12 she is old enough I think to care for them plus I am sure MOST if not ALL of her friends have them at this point and it is just 1 thing that makes her different which is the worst thing to be at this age
 I would also say it depends on you & you child. & you should ask yourself if youre comfortable with her having peirced ears at this age & if she's responsible enough yet to turn the posts & clean them well every single day. When I was 12 I started asking my mom to let me get my ears peirced. She told me no. She said that it was a big thing to finally get my ears peirced so it was going to be my 13th birhday gift since turning 13 is a big thing too. I hope something in there helps. Just go with your gut & what you think is best for you kid at this point in time.
Ears, not a huge deal. Some little girls get their ears peirced at just a month old. I think its cute on girls, but that doesnt mean going around wearing huge earlupes, or getting them gauged lol. Proper earrings, yeah. And then any other pearcings, I would say no at 12 years old.
12 years old and she's asking?!  yes.  As long as she's mature enough to take care of them and not play with them.  Ears are easy peasy.  My neice got her's done at 2 months old.  My mom got mine and my sisters done at 3-6 weeks old. 
I see no problem with a young girl getting her ears pierced.  My daughter just had her 5 year old daughter's ears pierced.  She asked if she could, and we told her that she had to take care of her earrings (and of course, her ears).  So far, so good :)I believe that a child has to earn the privilege to have certain things, such as jewelry.  My granddaughter is responsible for her bedroom and that means clothes and jewelry too.  She needs to pick up her clothes and put them away, and make sure that she doesn't leave her necklaces or bracelets laying all over the house.  It's never too young to start good habits.      
I just crossed this bridge.  I don't have my ears pierced.  My mom and her mom thought that if God wanted you to have more holes in your ears he would have given them to you.  However, as an adult both my sister got their ears pierced.  I chose not to because I hardly ever wear ear rings (clips of course).  My daughter had some really cute clip ons from Claire's.  Then she asked.  At twelve I felt she was old enough to make that decision for her self and take care of her own ears.  We did research and talked to our Pediatrician and family physician.  Turns out that Claire's was the doctor and nurse's recommendation for getting her ears done.  She was faithful in keeping them clean but got an infection after several months.  We cleared up the infection and she hasn't had any problems since.  She also cleans her ear rings before putting them in.  I only allow her to wear age appropriate jewelry and some of her choices were uncomfortable.  She's learning what is truly best for her body and not just what's in or what everyone else is doing.  Hope this helps.  Good Luck.
I think you should definitely let your daughter get her ears pierced! If you aren't so sure about knowing she will take proper care of her ears maybe you could have her write a paper about all the things she has to do and make sure she really wants to get her ears pierced. I hope this helped!

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