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my 12 year old has a pain in her head that only last a few sec help

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if it continues, you may want to call his/her ped
if you know anyone who is a neurologist then i would give them a call and explain to them what is happening, plus have your daughter explain everything. Maybe its something that meds can cure.I would also call the pediatrician
Call the pediatrician.  They may have you see a neurologist as well. What you might want to do in the meantime, though, is to have your child start a journal tracking the pain.  Have he or she keep some paper and a pencil handy, and every time he or she experiences the pain, have them record what time and the duration.  That way, you'll be able to tell the pediatrician exactly how often the pain occurs and if it's more frequent at a certain time of day or in conjunction with a certain activity.
When I was younger I had really bad pain in my temples that would only last a few seconds and then go away.  And it was that way until I was 18 and has my wisdom teeth pulled out.  I didn't know the 2 could be related until then.  It might be something to also talk to a dentist about as well.  
I'm not a doctor, but it could be realted to sinuses. Sinus cavities are in different places in your face and head, and changes in pressure or colds or retained fluid can cause twinges of pain. When I was about 12, I had these pains and thought I had a brain tumor, and my father, a doctor, explained the sinus thing. If it continues, do talk to a doctor.

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