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My 12 yr old already looking for unportected sex...

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My daughter is says she wants unprotected sex and she already got her menstrul cycle for the first time so i am worried she is going to get pregnat. What do i do?

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Here is part one of a video that might help your  daughter make good choices about her sex life.
just tell her that she is way to young and explain to her how bad sex hurts the first time and aside from that she could get pregnant and how big and huge and fat you get when your pregnant and then you have to have the baby and it hurts really bad
Honestly, I would not let her out of my site other than school.
Oh, dear. This sounds like a very dangerous situation that must be addressed. First of all, have her watch shows like 16 and pregnant and Teen Mom to show her the true reality of being a young mother. Remind her that sex is for married couples only and is a convenant with God, and that pre-marital intercourse is extremely sinful. Show her the dangers that come with unprotected sex, including STD's (which can be fatal) and pregnancy. Also, point out that because she isn't legally allowed to hold a job, becoming a mom would be a disaster for her and the baby. She would be waking up at 3 am to a screaming child while her friends were out at parties. And may I point out that if she can't get a job, chances are she'll dump that baby on you. If she does get pregnant, (heaven forbid), make it very clear that abortion is not an option because it means killing an innocent baby.Let her live the remainder of her childhood. Today's media gives an overly-sexualized depiction of teen girls, and you should remind her that she is a unique human being, not a sex object.  
This is the result of social pressure and her perceptions of kids around her. She needs to know that kids talk big but that in fact there is plenty of data to prove that they are NOT doing it at that age. Needs to develop a strong sense of self and a sense of the future she can build. This is where people like Pastors and youth ministers in Church can be a big help and why parents without these resources feel so alone, because they are!
Man thats a scary thought..Im twenty, have a 6 week old baby boy and do not know what all these teen girls are thinkn wanting to risk having kids! Dont get me wrong I feel extremely blessed and love him more than life itself but i couldn't imagine where Id be today if i hadnt be careful at such a young age.I mean sure i started dating when i was her age but still was very "prude" and lost my virginity to the same guy who Im still with- My husband. I think you just need to be really honest with her and keep her supervised when out. Be strong, set rules and try to go by them. Let her know the dangers (diseases and appearances‚ people in school WILL talk,etc) I think at that age what said around school "matters" so maybe she'll care?Also remind her babies are FOREVER cant be put away like a pet..Some ppl dont realize that.Anyway just my 2 cents Good luck and God bless :)
I just reread.. shes twelve?! Nevermind what i said about dating at that age-I was still playing with dolls! Id seriously consider some kind of program or maybe counselling. Again good luck n God bless
you need to think about puting her on birth control, if you are worried about it that much. ultimately, if she's got it in her head that she's going to do something , she will do it. the best thing for you to do is have a long talk with her about the dangers of unprotected sex. std's, pregnancy, etc. i know this sounds extreme, but if you can find a video of a woman going in labor, she needs to watch it. she needs that to scare her out of what she thinks she wants to do.
maybe go to the middle school that she's in and talk to someone there in2 getting you one of those dolls that crys radomly and that you need 2do things 4.  then, let her have it for a while-she should learn very quickly what it takes 2be a mom and all that you  have 2do 2be a good mom

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