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My 12y old daughter suffers from anger & ADHD can anyone give us tips?

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She is on anger management & ADHD medications but she still struggles everyday. She has been to therapists & will not open up to them. She does not act out in public but at home she lashes out at everyone, even me & her step-father (he has been in her life since she was 3). She feels bad after she calms down but she says she can't control it.

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What medications does she take, specifically? Some of the "anger management" drugs that are prescribed these days are prescribed off-label (meaning, the drug was created to treat something else, but is being used for another purpose because it was accidentally discovered to help with that other issue) and are drugs that are not necessarily safe for use in children. They also sometimes interact with other drugs. I can try to help you, but a psychopharmacologist will be more helpful. I hate to see kids on medication alone...meds combined with therapy are most effective, but you say your daughter won't buy in. Have you asked her what kind of person she'd most like as a therapist? Gender? Age? Personality traits? Try to give her some control and choices, and choose a therapist she will be inclined to like because she helped make the decision.Lori
@Mommyforlife: I have a son that suffers from the same issues as your daughter. Because he takes medications he has always felt very inadequate and often is angry, frustrated and suffers from low self-esteem. Our school's coach noticed our son's behavior and advised us to send him to Taekwondoe classes (sorry for spelling). WE enrolled him into the class and it was the best thing for him. He often stated that he felt hyper and would have a burst of energy througout the day and racing thoughts about everything.  The Taek class has taught him discipline, how to breath when he becomes frustrated and the compete for higher belt levels as they become familiar with the routine.  His attitute has changed dramatically. The Taek school also incorporates moral traits on respect and self-discipline for ones self and for others. The student is required do well at home/school and grades are checked and a parent survey is given to parents prior to any competitions. It has worked well for our son and we have seen the rewards first-hand.  There are several girls that attend with similar issues that my son has befriended and enjoys attending each week.  I encouarage you to try it. They often have a trial period prior to signing up. My son was 16 when he joined, now 17 and your never too young or old to find a rewarding sport physically and mentally rewarding.  Good Luck & God Bless ~

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