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My 13-month old is super clingy!

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My 13-month-old daughter has always been a "mama's girl", but lately she has been VERY clingy. She wants only me, and she wants to be held, played with, etc constantly. I love spending time with her, but my house is suffering. I work full-time, and she goes to a very nice at-home daycare. Whenever we get home, we usually have some mommy-baby time for about 30 minutes. Then I usually try to get dinner started, and maybe throw in a load of laundry. She cries the whole time I am not paying attention to her. When her dad gets home, she is mildly interested in him but she does not like for me to get out of her sight while she plays with him. I feel a little exhausted from trying to keep our home livable and giving my daughter attention. Please tell me the clingy stage is a short one. Please?

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Have her help you. Bring her high chair into the kitchen so she can be with you while you cook. Have her help you with laundry, have her help you pick up toys. She'll get the attention she needs and you'll be able to get things done.There's no telling how long a phase like this will last. All kids are different. My kids go through phases where they only like one parent. They constantly switch, though they generally prefer me since I'm a stay at home mom. I've got three now (my oldest isn't even 3 1/2 yet) and giving each one enough attention can be difficult since they're still so little. 
my daughter is 2 1/2, and has just recently stopped being super clingy. i'm a stay at home mom, and my hubby works long hours, so i think that had a lot to do with it. like v said, it varies with every child. however, i have found that by getting her to help me around the house she is less likely to throw a fit when she wants my attention. i had back surgery a week ago, so she is helping me now more than ever, because i'm a bit limited right now. i spray lysol on the floor, and hand her the mop so my floors can stay clean. surprisingly, she is VERY THOROUGH. she helps me with the laundry, too. i have her put dirty clothes in the washer, and then i hand her clean wet clothes to put in the dryer. she pulls the dry ones out, put them in the basket, and pulls it into the living room. when it's time to fold, she hands me pieces of clothing one at a time. if i tell her to pick up her toys, it rarely happens. if i sit on the floor and pick up one toy at a time very slowly while saying, "come help mommy pick up your toys!," she will jump in to help. she's also been a big help with her 8 week old sister. she grabs diapers, wipes, and binkies. it's bullshit for your man to assume that all the cleaning and cooking falls on you, especially since you work full time. in my house, everyone makes a mess, so everyone helps to keep the house clean, except my newborn obviously. tell your man that he needs to help you keep the house clean when he is home, since your daughter is a bit uninterested in him right now, and also because it should be a family effort!

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