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my 15 month old toddler bed or crib?

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i am moving and my son will have his own room. should i keep him in the crib or toddler bed?

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We are in the same bind with my 19 month old. He is nowhere near ready to move out his crib,but when we move we are getting him a toddler bed with his favorite characters on it(Elmo),I would suggest getting a toddler bed
if he's climbing out of the crib, then go ahead with the toddler bed. my daughter climbed out of her crib at 6 months, and managed to climb out of the playpen at 10 months.
Your child may need the familiarity of the crib. I would set both up and see how it goes from there. I too am moving soon. My daughter is 17 months. I plan on putting up her toddler bed in her own room with all her toys and the crib in my room without toys. Hopefully she can get used to the new bed before the baby arrives in a few months or I am doomed.
I do not think there is any reason to rush  child out of thier crib.They grow too fast as it is. If they sleep well in a crib and you are afraid they arent ready for a toddler bed then I say wait. My older son was over 2 before I put him in a toddlerbed and he did great with the move when the time was right. And now my 19 month old still sleeps very wellin his crib and I have no plans on changing that anytime soon!!
It all depends on the  child  My kids and Grand daughter  were out of crib  by  15 months only for  the climbing  issue and  they  did sleep better in a  bed , Jut use guard rails and baby safe the bedroom,  I even placed a gate  in front of their bedroom door  Just  so  the little one  could not get out and about they can be very quiet  when  they want to  LOL 
im having the same trouble with my now 16 month old daughter.. we lowered the crib and she climbed until she fell down (luckily we have carpet) but we tried making her crib into a bed but that didnt work do to the fact that shes a crazy sleeper like daddy but im starting to put alot of pillows on the floor and that seems to be working
Your child is safest in his crib if he isn't climbing out.  Once he does, though, it's time for a toddler bed right away.  As other posters have said, moving and changing his bed at the same time might be too much for him at 15 months, best to keep his familiar sleeping place until he gets used to his new home, IMO.

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