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My 16-month daugther refuses to take cow milk. Adivse????

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She needs human milk - breastmilk, not cow's milk. 
At 16 months old?  She does not NEED breastmilk, but by all means, if you want to continue breastfeeding her, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.  What she does need is solid foods at this stage - breastmilk can only be a supplement, not her main source of nutrition. If she doesn't want to drink cow's milk, don't force the issue.  She might not like the taste, and that's okay as long as she's getting enough calcium from other foods: yoghurt, cheese, or cottage cheese.  Make sure she gets one of those foods at least once or twice a day, and don't let her drink too much juice, or at least water it down.  (Juice has a LOT of sugar.)  Give her plenty of WATER.  Not soda!!!!  After a few weeks, try milk again, or maybe try a different brand or go organic if you haven't already.  She might take to it after a break. Good luck!
Does she refuse because of how she feels after she drinks it, maybe she is alergic so she knows to avoid it, or because she doesn't like the flavor?  Maybe try soy milk, or try warming it up if she doesn't like the temp.
My little sister never liked cow's milk. She still doesn't. My mom made sure she ate yogurt or cheese like Arizona suggested. My sister is 16 now and she drinks a glass of orange juice fortified with calcium every day as well as eating fat free yogurt once a day. Some people just don't like drinking milk! I personally LOVE milk. Ask your pediatrician what other ways you can get her some calcium.
you could try the gerber graduates smart sips, soy milk, rice milk, flax milk (which has 1100 mg omega-3 fatty acids per serving), coconut milk, or almond milk. i personally hate the taste of cows milk, but i give my daughter a variety of all these, plus whole cow's milk. soy milk has double the calcium of cows, and almond milk is loaded with vitamin e. she does not need breastmilk at this age, she needs to be on table food. i can't imagine why she would not be at this age, but just fyi.
My husband doesn't like the taste of milk either, he has to add chocolate to drink a glass and he sweetens his ceral milk. How did you introduce her to the cow's milk? If it was a straight one day she's drinking formula or breast milk the next she's got milk she might be thrown off by that. It might also, like someone else said be the temperature if you always warmed her bottle. If you tried any kind of quick switch out go back to what she's used to and start mixing with cow's milk, 1/4 of milk at a time then she'll have time to adjust. Otherwise she might just not like milk.
we had the same issue with both my girls, we gradually mixed formula with the milk and over a few weeks time kept increasing the milk, worked like a charm.
my daughter wouldn't drink milk at that age either.  we started try at about 1year and wasn't willing to try it until a few months back (she almost 4).  we tried mixing things in with it (i know, chocolate makes it sugary, but we still tried).  nothing worked.  but she loved cheese and yogut covered raisins and such, so we make sure she got dairy in other ways (and i always mix in cheese, milk and finely chopped spinach into scrambled eggs).  offer it, but don't stress too much.  even now she doesn't like to eat it plain.  but as long as she's getting it elsewhere she'll be okay.  and check in with your pediatrician if you have particular concerns.  our daughter has been perfectly healthy the whole time b/c we just made sure we got her all the food groups as often as possible (our doc. said not even every day, but over the course of several days, some days kids just aren't hungry, you know?)  good luck! p.s.  just watch-if you have another he'll be completely different.  my 3rd will guzzle milk, he'll down an 8 oz sippy cup in minutes and ask for more.  kids are crazy-fun:)

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