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My 16 month old does not like the stage 2 powder milk or cows milk!!

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my 16 month old got weaned from the breast about a month ago,when we offer cows milk he will not drink it and gags. He was then started on infant formula again which all went good until we heard from our Ped. that the milk was doing him no good and that we should start on a different stage formula but when we offered it to him today he spit it out! what should i do???

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get chocolate or strawberry milk it has the same ammount of vitamens as regular milk but it taste better! good luck! :)
Cheese and yogurt are good calcium alternatives.   Make sure he's getting Vitamin D from somewhere.  You could also try some of the milk substitutes that have calcium but they are usually sweet, like chocolate milk, so you may be setting your child up to prefer sweet foods.  I don't have anything against chocolate milk but 16 months seems a little early to develop a sweet tooth. 
don't give him strawberry or chocolate milk. have you looked at the sugar content? try soy milk, almond milk, or coconut milk. these are some tasty alternatives that offer excellent nutrition. also, you should have started a lot earlier. say, 12 months, and you probably would not have had much of a problem. good luck.

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