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my 18 month just fell and knocked out a tooth what do i do

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call his pediaritian right away! Ive heard tha some poeple call either their kids dr or if they have a regular dentist they call them since a tooth is usually the dentists area of expertise. make sure you have the tooth & try not to panic cuz that will rub off on your child.
you need to stop wasting time posting questions on the internet, and take your kid to the dentist. i would hope that you have a dentist for your child by now. if not, then you need to take the child to the doctor. now!!!
Docs don't usually send to a kids to a dentist till they are 3...  So an 18 month old shouldn't have one.  However, call the doc, chances are there is nothing they can do, and the baby will have either no tooth or 1/2 a tooth till the adult ones grow in.
actually Nellie, your child should see a dentist on or right after their first birthday for a check up- whether or not they have teeth so yes you should have a dentist for your toddler. 
You should of course see a doctor, but unfortunately there is usually nothing they can do, at least that's what they told my sister when her son knocked out both his front teeth when he was two. He was perfectly fine though, his big teeth came in when he was five and there was no damge done to them. 
my daughter went to the dentist at 7 months. it's 1st tooth or 1 years old, whichever comes first! you wait until your kid is 3 and you may very well have a kid with a mouthful of cavities on your hand.
chill out, first of's a baby tooth and will grow back.  be sure to watch them so it doesn't happen again.
chill out, first of's a baby tooth and will grow back.  be sure to watch them so it doesn't happen again.

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