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My 18 month old only has six teeth still. It this worth worrying about

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I wouldn't be too concerned yet. I've known a few 3 year olds that didn't have all their teeth yet. I also know a 4 month old that has 3 teeth. My son is 14 months and has almost 7 teeth in....all babies go at different paces. If you're really concerned ask your pediatrician!
I wouldn't be very worried. Different kids take different amounts of time to get to certain milestones, as well as to just generally mature physically. Ask your pediatrician if you're worried.
it's probably nothing. my daughter is 18 mos, with 20 teeth. every kid develops at their own pace. if you are concerned then talk to the ped. better yet, take him to the dentist, if you have not already. there is no need for you wait until he's 3 or 4 for that. he may only have 6 teeth, but he needs to see a dentist. first tooth or first bday. whatever comes first!

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