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My 19 month old is really attached, how to a separate us a little?

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he/she really needs to learn how to entertain themselves for a bit without a television. try putting the child in his/her room and get out a few favorite toys, or books. tell them that you are going to do (dishes, laundry, cooking, etc.), and if they need you, then come get you. i know it's hard keeping up with them at this age, and also trying to get housework done without having them sitting in front of a tv for the better part of the day. but i have a 21 month old, and 6 pit bulls. i'm a stay-at-home mom, and also homeschool my daughter. so if i can do all that, and still manage to get the house semi-clean, anyone can. good luck!
you don't have to leave him, but sometimes it works better that way. Just tell him to go play, or let him sit next to you, but not on you. My daughter has done a lot better about playing without me since she started going to daycare. Maybe that's a good option for you. Just try different things and always remember that you have to personalize your parenting to not only your child, but you too.

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