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My 19mt old is still nursing, she has canker sores, will they harm me?

2 answers
They are bad... she also has swollen tastebuds... 5-6 canker sores, and 5-7 swollen taste buds... :( Was just wondering if any harm will come to those sweet nutrition rings (nipples)??? Please help, anyone!

answers (2)

why in the world are you still nursing a 19 month old???? when are you planning to ween your child off the boob, seriously woman? if your child has sores inside the mouth you should take her to the docter. while your there, you should talk to doc about the nursing thing. be prepared for a lecture! have you never heard of a sippey cup!?!?
i suppose since you are nursing at 19 months, you will be one of those parents that i see in wal-mart with their 4 year olds walking around with a giant paci in the mouth! what is wrong with you people?

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